Meet The Fishers

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established in 1982

Southspoon Farms is a family owned and operating business located in Yantis, TX. Known for milking cows for over 3 decades, Southspoon Farms is now also home to one of the largest goat dairies in the region, housing 180-200 milking does and over 300 goats total on the farm. We sell raw milk and other dairy products on our farm along with fresh eggs, beef, pork and soap made with our goat’s milk. We also deliver our farm fresh milk to cheese makers around Texas via two state inspected tankers. So if you see the Southspoon Farms milk tank, be sure to say hi!

We look forward to meeting you.


The Family


Bryant and Marilee

Bryant and Marilee have been in the cow dairy business for 30 years, and in recent years have devoted more of their passion to the goat dairy with the help of their family.  

Through the years, Bryant has served on many boards such as the Dairy Farmers of America, and the National Beef Board.  Marilee is a retired nurse and enjoys spending time on the farm with the grandkids and cooking for her family.

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Blake and Kendra

Blake and Kendra manage the dairy and strive to continue the family farm tradition. Blake also has a hay baling business, and Kendra is a teacher for Sulphur Springs ISD. They have 2 daughters, Hadlyn and Haisley.

When you visit the farm, you will likely be greeted by two little girls playing in the dirt, they love going to the barn!


J.R. and Vanessa

J.R. and Vanessa are currently living and working in Oregon and are still involved in the agriculture community. They have a son named Brody. 

Brody enjoys his summer visits to Texas to play with his cousins.  There is always tractor riding and tire swinging by Papaw.